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Get 150$ ETN with 30 Seconds

Get 150$ ETN with 30 Seconds

About Electroneum

Electroneum ( ETN ) is a store of value that can be used to purchase everyday items, from bread and milk, to mobile phone top ups. When used in conjunction with the Electroneum mobile application, users can transfer ETN to anyone in an instant, either in person or remotely.

About AnyTask

AnyTaks allows Buyers and Sellers to engage directly with each other in order to buy and sell digital products and services.

Remember , that any User Generated Content must meet all the Content Standards that we specify from time to time. User Generated Content is not actively moderated or approved of by AnyTask team and its presence on our platform cannot be considered or deemed to be an endorsement or approval of it by AnyTask .


Upload fast promotional videos, approximately 30 seconds in length. The videos should ideally include a video introduction of your services, your skill and a short demonstration how you done the task of your service.

How to submit your video ?

  1. Creat Elecroneum Account
  2. Creat AnyTaks Account
  3. Appy become a seller
  4. Videos are uploaded to the ‘Images/Videos’ section when creating a new task. Videos can also be added to existing tasks. You may upload as many videos to any number of tasks, helping to maximize your chances of receiving the full reward. However, if you focus on quality and include all of the elements above, you could receive the full reward of $150 in ETN with just three videos.