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Blocknet – Comet Update

This is a MANDATORY update for everyone, regardless if you’re a holder, staker, service provider, or Service Node operator.
BlockNet is creating an infrastructure for inter-blockchain services. It is a peer-to-peer protocol combining nodes of different blockchains. BlockNet aims to become the internet of blockchains. Its service also includes a Decentralized Exchange (DEX). BLOCK is used as a staking token to run nodes in the BlockNet infrastructure.


20 February 2020 – Comet Update

Blocknet is a blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different public and private blockchains, as well as on-chain access to off-chain data, APIs, and services via oracles. We are an open sourced, self-funded, and self-governed project with dedicated contributors around the world.

Our service-based blockchain is comprised of 3 main components: XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud.

  • XBridge is a true decentralized exchange protocol that allows users to conduct peer-to-peer trading of native assets directly from their own wallets.
  • XRouter is a decentralized full node SPV network that enables use of on-chain data from any public or private blockchain without requiring users to download the full blockchain.
  • XCloud is a decentralized oracle network that enables on-chain use of off-chain data, APIs, and services.

Blocknet’s goal is building an open and collaborative blockchain ecosystem. This is accomplished by providing developers with the aforementioned suite of decentralized and openly governed protocols. All these protocols are currently available in beta for use on mainnet.

Comet includes many changes that will help us continue to achieve these goals, including a move to on-chain governance, on-chain Service Nodes, a single tier block reward and the migration from an older PIVX codebase to the Bitcoin v18 codebase.

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