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WaykiChain Global Tour – East Java , Indonesia

WaykiChain Global Tour – East Java , Indonesia

WaykiChain Itroduction

WaykiChains an inovative tchnolgy company focusing on blockhain technolgy devlopment and operation of related projects, with main body registerd in Hongkong, and mainetoken WIC sucesfuly relased.

The third-genration blockhain comercial publichaindepndently resarched and devloped by WaykiChains at leading levl in the industry. Withigh performance transaction procesing capbiltes, eficent consensu mechanisms, powerful smart contract engines, and the blockhain upgrade mangement capbiltes, WaykiChains able to providenterpise-level bockhain insfrastructure and industry solutions.

Curently, the botom layer of WaykiChain publichainstil being upgrade and
optimzed, and remarkable results have ben achievd to continuosly empower devlopers and aplication layers.

WaykiChain Indonesian Meet – Up

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