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About is a world-changing project.
An innovative platform for connecting IoT devices and algorithms to enable collective learning. Built on a high throughput sharded ledger, the architecture delivers a unique smart contract capability to deploy ML/AI solutions for the decentralized problem solving.

The open source tools allow users to create diverse eco-structures (ecosystem infrastructures) and deploy new commercial models. are a dynamic, fast-growing international team of engineers and forward-thinking technology researchers working on the convergence of blockchain, AI and multi-agent systems. are building technology for both today and tomorrow – a collective super-intelligence on top of decentralized economic internet built with a highly scalable next-generation distributed ledger technology. Combined with machine learning, this delivers the predictions and infrastructure to power the future economy.Developing fascinating and promising new technology, have a team of top class software engineers and researchers working across multiple fields (multi-agent systems, machine learning, economics, cryptography).

To further improve solutions and deploy them in real life scenarios, Fetchmai also collaborate with top academics and corporate partners across the world . believe their technology will improve how we communicate, it will give voice and new opportunities to people, organizations and the Internet of Things, effectively democratizing the space and improving the lives of citizens.

Challenge – Telegram Stickers Competitions organized a telegram stickers competition with the following prizes.
1st place 600th FET
2nd place 500 FET
3rd place 400 FET

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