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The Role of Algorand in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Role of Algorand in the 4th Industrial Revolution

4th Industrial Revolution

Let us mention how many conventional jobs are now extinct because they do not follow the pattern of the industrial revolution  4.0 ?.  For examples, as we have just witnessed, taxi drivers and conventional taxis began to be abandoned because of the new system of internet of things through Uber ( Taxi Online ), and then many  conventional store, which has been replaced by online shops, conventional book store who are currently dying because of the need for information on the internet that is increasingly easy to obtain.

Because the internet of things and data are the main elements to drives our industry today. And the question is “ Is all jobs that is not related to the internet will be extinct ? “ .

Even competitions with online businesses will be increasingly, The answer is ” NO “because like the whole concept of the industrial revolution, from the very beginning it seems that the revolution has always perfected the previous industrial revolution and we must adapt to these changes.

Uber accommodates all services in one database . Uber facilitate in searching process and communication beetween user with taxi drivers and taxi drivers are still exist, online shops can provide effective solutions for conventional shop owners in searching for goods and price with the existing database.

Likewise with the efficiency of shipping without having to come to the store and queue up even though the physical store is still exist. Because, basically humans are still social creatures who prefer to interact directly, and which need to be improve is ” cutomers experience “. For example with improves visuals services and interests experiences when someone is in the store and can feel the products to be bought will be interests experirnces if we compared with just looking at the smartphone.

No wonder if Xiaomi since its establishment has a business plan, only as online businesses will eventually have to follow the success of Oppo and Vivo which provide the best experience through their respective experience stores. Likewise with the Amazon Go which incidentally Amazon is online business. It’s all as proof that retail business is still alive as long as Humans still need it.

The Greatest is if we can combine our various work activities into the scope of digital networks both in terms of databases and marketing, . a Synergy is the Point in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The next trend of the 4th industrial revolution will continue to be more and more Peer To Peer systems , which will spread to many sectors. Not only connecting between buyers and sellers, there will be more mobile apps that offer financial Peer To Peer, starting by connecting  creditors and debtors like online loans, entrepreneurs and individual investors like indigogo and kickstarter, even only using mobile application. And in the next few years, almost all business actors in various fields will soon enter into big data system, which will further develop into a new ecosystem where Peer To Peer financial will be extremely powerful .

Big Opportunities For Startup Originator

But in the competitive market, there is a very big hope for Startup originator.  Because, today it is a transition, which there is still a lot of conventional jobs that we can still digitize through startups by providing creative solutions,  and not Biggest Platform become a winner but a Platform with fastest innovates and adapt with what many people wants and what many people needs will be the winner.

For example is Air BNB CEO Brian Chesky who was originally just an unemployed person. Inspired by renting vacant land to his consumers, now AIR BNB has succeed in becoming the largest hotel chain in the world that has absolutely no hotel they have.

The Massive Contributor in The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th industrial revolution was born as a result of the discovery of the internet which finally gave rise to “internet of things”, and today all devices in the world are connected each other which eventually grew into Big Data.

4th Industrial Revolution  is the name given to trends related to automation and data exchange, there are many elements driving 4th industral revolution  transformation: 3D printing, robots, automation, IoT, Machine learning, digitizing supply chains.

The next technology that will contribute massively to the 4th industrial revolution is BLOCKCHAIN. Blockchain can provide great value when there is a need for many participants in a network (who do not know each other) to conduct transactions with each other, or exchange data with each other in a trusted environment. Blockchain can overcome many of the inefficiencies in existing technology through its ability to decentralize ownership and data sharing.

Nowadays, massive amounts of data are only owned by large companies such as Google, Facebook, Baidu, called “oligopoly data”, so only this company can continue to improve their AI capabilities.

Blockchain can break down oligopoly data through ownership data and control data individually. This will open up very large data access for use by AI developers who previously did not have data access of this size.

That is, in the future there will be a data marketplace, or market data for developers who need data for their projects. Data that is separated from the oligopoly of large companies will help individual programmers or small software houses to enter the market and create the applications they need and make the industry more advanced with AI. This is how data will be stored, sold and distributed in the 4th industrial revolution.

4th Industrial Revolution has begun, this is marked by the physical form of money began to be replaced with an electronic payment system. And now BLOCKCHAIN system or technology that is used by electronic money like Bitcoin is becoming a hot topic of conversation all over the world.

BLOCKCHAIN has begun to be studied, developed as a new role model for the exchange system in the future, because it is considered the safest, easy to access for anyone.

The Role of Algorand in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Algorand is the technology company that built and developed the world’s first open, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol that, without forking, provides the necessary security, scalability, and decentralization needed for today’s economy. With an award-winning team, Algorand enable traditional finance and decentralized financial businesses to embrace the world of frictionless finance.

The Role of Algorand in the 4th Industrial Revolution , Algorand Foundation supports research on a wide spectrum of domains related to blockchains, cryptocurrencies, token economics, computer science such as distributed systems, cryptography, programming languages, and developing disciplines such as AI.

Funding, and where appropriate, participation in research projects on blockchain governance and economics design is crucial for the long term success of Algorand and blockchain ecosystems.

Tangible form of Algorand involvement in the 4th industrial revolution, Algorand are launching a 250 million ALGO Grants Program and Algorand Asia Accelerator. Both of these programs provide an opportunity for everyone/company/community to significantly contribute to facing the 4th industrial revolution.